Aspida Bridge

Transfer saETH from Arbitrum to Ethereum

  1. Click the “Connect Wallet” button in the top right corner.

  1. Switch the network to Arbitrum.

  1. Click “Approve” to request wallet authorization.

  1. Switch the network to Arbitrum.

  1. Enter the amount of saETH you would like to transfer, then click the “TRANSFER” button. Clicking the “TRANSFER” button, the DApp will send a cross-chain request to your connected wallet.

❗️ You will need to claim the withdrawal on Ethereum within approximately 7 days.

To review bridge transaction histories and claim withdrawals on Ethereum, please visit the Arbitrum Official Bridge at

🔔 We also support saETH cross-chain from Ethereum to Arbitrum. The interaction process is the same as the tutorial mentioned above.

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