Why Aspida?

  • Security and expertise. The Aspida team possesses extensive domain expertise in Proof of Stake (PoS) networks and validation, with over 7 years of experience in PoS network validation. Security remains a paramount concern at Aspida, with top-tier security auditors engaged for all smart contract audits, complemented by an ongoing bounty program to further enhance security measures.

  • Protocol-Own-Liquidity. The protocol is designed to maximize capital efficiency while internalizing liquidity via protocol-own-liquidity module, to provide secondary market liquidity via different liquidity venues.

  • Staking Threshold. There is no minimum staking threshold, any amount of ETH amounts qualify for accruing staking rewards in Aspida.

  • Optimized risk-adjusted yields. Aspida seamlessly integrates with restaking protocols such as Eigenlayer to capture additional yield and continually explores further integrations to optimize risk-adjusted yields.

  • Decentralization. Adhering to Ethereum's decentralized principles, Aspida natively integrated with permissionless operator networks leveraging DVT networks, such as SSV.

  • Protocol Backstop. To mitigate slashing risks, both operators and the Aspida DAO treasury stand ready to cover any losses, providing protocol-native insurance against slashing events.

  • Multichain Interoperability. Aspida is committed to building customized cross-chain features to enable seamless cross-chain interoperability, facilitating greater flexibility and accessibility across multiple blockchain networks.

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