Liquid staking protocols in general pose several risks to ETH stakers that warrant acknowledgment.

Smart Contract Risk: Aspida’s smart contracts could potentially contain defects or vulnerabilities, though mitigated through regular audits and bug bounty programs.

ETH 2.0 Technology Risk: As Aspida builds upon Ethereum, it naturally inherits the underlying technology's risks, which may include flaws and vulnerabilities.

Penalties and Slashing: Node operators' validators risk penalties and slashing by the Ethereum Beacon Chain for missed attestations or satisfying slashing criteria, potentially imperiling a significant share of staked ETH over time. Aspida mitigates this through access to reputable, professional node operators, collateral requirements, and insurance coverage.

saETH Price Fluctuations: Secondary market saETH token prices could depeg if markets become oversupplied with saETH.

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