aETH Token

aETH serves as the deposit certificate of the native ETH token and can be minted with ETH at a 1:1 ratio. It can also be withdrawn into native ETH via unstaking, or users can simply exchange between aETH and ETH via Aspida’s native liquidity module or external DEX.

It's important to note that aETH is solely a wrapped ETH token and does not carry staking yield.

Furthermore, besides ETH, Aspida currently accepts stETH (Lido LST) for minting aETH. A portion of the stETH is allocated as protocol-owned liquidity(POL), enabling the protocol to provide liquidity to external DEXs.

As stETH also carries staking yield from Lido, it can facilitate liquidity provision via POL for saETH without diluting the staking yield for saETH holders.

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